30 Items Per Second: What “Visionary” Executives Are Not Seeing on Live Video Apps

Tony Compton, Managing Director

Where is everybody?

This morning I decided to thumb through the available live streams on Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab. This evening I did the same. Some great content with enthusiastic hosts on all three apps, but why aren’t more companies creatively taking advantage of this new channel of live, interactive communication?

Not that I’m necessary complaining but again, where the heck is everybody?

One of my recents posts touched on the notion that digital marketers are unprepared to handle the talent and human performance-related issues which accompany any on-camera endeavor. It’s also apparent that a vast majority of executives must either be unaware of the opportunities presented to them by the new social media channel of video communication, or they’re struggling with how to embrace and take advantage of live streaming apps.

Because what I’m not seeing is a large amount of corporate participation.
A little, yes. But not much, and very little, to be precise.

By not offering live video content, here’s what many “visionary” executives
(and their companies) are not seeing:

  1. Real-time customer interactions with company experts.
  2. Protection of the customer base, and its revenue.
  3. Real-time interactions with buyers being moved through the pipeline.
  4. Their competitors’ angst.
  5. Exclusive, consistent, and reliable video programming.
  6. Rapidly built and highly desirable segmented audiences.
  7. Audiences which have come to rely on their video content.
  8. Worldwide company participation.
  9. Actionable marketing, sales, and customer service intelligence.
  10. Refreshed data.
  11. Expert utilization of a rapid go-to-market tool which outflanks dated competitor activity.
  12. On-going, and year-round programmatic efforts.
  13. Integration of a dynamic new social media channel into a rapidly changing marketplace.
  14. Ancillary sales, marketing, and service channels benefitting from live video content.
  15. Emerging talent, from long-dormant and hidden locations inside corporate walls.
  16. Corporate personalities acting as unique corporate differentiators.
  17. Business stories being told by human beings, live.
  18. Testimonials being told by customers, live.
  19. New revenue streams from sponsored video content.
  20. Cost savings of live, social customer interactions vs. the time and expense of meetings.
  21. Employees enjoying the most creative outlet they’ve witnessed in years.
  22. Employees enjoying the benefits of training, education, and coaching by their colleagues.
  23. Messaging, positioning, and value props breaking out of traditional forms of communication.
  24. Outdated sales and marketing programs being put to rest.
  25. Residual personal communication benefits accompanying streaming media performances.
  26. Their company producing live content, now watchable via Periscope on Apple TV.
  27. Programming which addresses business, life, and community activities, as they happen.
  28. The next wave of live, social and business interaction in the 21st century.
  29. Themselves, setting the standard and the pace for their company, its employees, and stakeholders, and the next wave of innovative executives.
  30. The future of customer experiences.

Fear, Want, and Competitiveness

For passionate, ingenious executives to understand the benefits and limitless opportunities presented by the usage of live video apps, all they’ll need to do is see the apps in action, and to see some great examples of its use. Simply stated, all they’ll need to do is turn on their mobile device televisions. My advice to all those creative content producers embedded deep within the organizational structure is to help those within the executive ranks view good video content on mobile apps. They’ll get the picture. (Pun intended.)

Once any forward-looking executive sees good video programming on the live apps:

  • Fear of not offering similar content will kick in and become a motivator.
  • Want of offering similar, if not better, live content will surface and become a motivator.
  • Competitive juices will pump throughout arteries and veins, and become a motivator.

The responsibility of budgeting and including live video app usage in the corporate go-to-market quiver will shift, and become shared by the executive team with marketing. The executive team will quickly realize: to compare, contrast, and then ignore the practical differences between outdated audience outreach methods and new, social, and real-time audience interactions via live video apps would be irresponsible. Ignoring the cost/benefit analysis of using live video apps would become nonsensical and incomprehensible.

+1, For a Total of 31

Here’s an additional observation about what executives aren’t seeing today due to their lack of corporate content on live video apps: the wide-open global playing field. I’ll argue that a (largely) untapped global audience awaits. The business audience, hungry, and searching for answers to their pressing problems is out there, right now, looking for help. They’re searching for answers across all industries, in all worldwide territories, and now migrating to the live video apps.

Fill the need, capture the audience, create memorable experiences, and surpass expectations.

Tell me the next time a strategic market opportunity like this will be there for the taking, just waiting for you – and me – to act.

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