Your Competitors’ Video Envy: Eight Steps to Becoming a Disruptive Social Force

Tony Compton, Managing Partner

Frequency Sells.

Remember that phrase as you construct your 2016 plan. Write it down on that white board that never gets erased. Remember it each time you interact with your audience. The phrase is a pun used by Account Executives selling advertising in the broadcast industry. It also applies to how you’ll successfully start to use Periscope and Meerkat, the two LIVE video apps which have captured social media’s attention.

Pole-Sitters Usually Don’t Win the Race

If you’re unfamiliar with those video apps, don’t worry. We’re just getting started. I’m not in the first car, in the first row, with inside position. Many jumped in front to detail how Periscope and Meerkat work, and what can be shown using the apps. However, I’ve noticed a lack of information with respect to the basics of capturing, holding, and interacting with an audience to develop new business. Tips and techniques in this and future posts will provide you with a place to start your video and social programming strategy in order to fuel sales, and lap competitors.


Think back to your last calculus test, and recall the format of the questions. Often you were presented with what was “given” in the pre-text of the problem. This post is similar in concept.

Reviews of Periscope and Meerkat explain how the apps functionally work. This post doesn’t. This post builds on your (given) knowledge of the apps. But you don’t have to be a digital marketing expert here. For this post, all that’s required is the knowledge that Periscope and Meerkat apps are available for free on your Android or iOS device. Each app enables you to host a live video stream, and allows an audience to interact with you via live chat. Moreover, the apps provide you with a rapid, agile ability to be more creative, interactive, and socially disruptive than ever before.

–Eight Steps to Accelerate Your Social and Market Disruption–

1. Learn, Lead, and Provide Video Guidance

First, learn how to use Periscope and Meerkat. Your audience probably isn’t fluent in how to use them, or how they’re tied to social channels. Familiarize yourself with their capabilities. Lead by creating programming on one or both of the apps, and directing your audience to your content. Take time to show prospects and customers how to follow and interact with you. Similarly, show your colleagues how the apps can be used, and brainstorm on applying them to branding, content, communication, demand generation, and business development.

2. What Does Sales Want?

Before rushing into your next video, tie your streaming media plan to what sales wants out of this social media initiative. Branding and awareness are great, but having a measurable impact on new content, communication performance, and pipeline revenue is even better.

3. How Many Streaming Accounts Are Needed?

Your company may be worldwide. You may have a public sector group, and private sector segments across territories using different languages. You’ll need a main corporate streaming video account, but one won’t cover it. Itemize your global offerings, and calculate how to go live across multiple accounts.

4. Schedule Regular Programming

It’s the Six O’Clock News, not the Whenever We Feel Like It show. Periscope and Meerkat allow for instantaneous live videos, but don’t expect your audience to watch on a moment’s notice. Schedule regular programming so that your audience knows when to tune in.

5. For Business Purposes, Don’t Go It Alone

Always have a producer (or two) with you when you go live. Have coworkers viewing your interactive stream, taking notes, keeping time, and remaining vigilant. Such support is necessary to prepare your broadcast, troubleshoot issues, capture data, and obtain feedback.

6. Link Talent, and Develop Streaming Video Chains

Even a solo, five-minute video can be taxing. You’re within your rights to alternate talent during a live video stream. Or, upon completion of one stream, you can instruct viewers to immediately switch to another stream. Quick, concise, and interactive content will hold an audience’s short attention span. Alternating talent, or guiding viewers through sequential segments can be fun, and will help maintain an audience.

7. Complementary Streaming Content

Regularly scheduled programming can mean complementing other activities.

Example: How about a live video, immediately, after each trade show?

Here’s an idea. In my opinion, the most unused time related to an event is the time immediately after an event, on the last day. Everybody’s packing, checking out, and scrambling to get home. But, there’s a window to interact with the show attendees and a larger industry audience. No matter how rushed everybody is, there’s always a bit of down time in transit after a show.

Offer a short video encompassing an event recap and people will watch. Do it from the backseat of your taxi on your the way to LaGuardia, a quiet conference room in an airport lounge, or your disassembled booth location. You’re always launching new products, introducing new case studies, or sponsoring an event. Complement your campaigns with regular video programs.

8. Expert Disruption 

Here’s the good news. While some companies have embraced Periscope and Meerkat, most are not up to speed.


You employ Subject Matter Experts. Use live video streaming to get them in front of customers and prospects. Interact, and quickly respond to the market. While your competitors are typing eight-page white papers, your SMEs can be telling your stories in a matter of moments.

Agile and credible experts who can disrupt the market? You bet.

Summoning Video and Social Envy

Today’s action item is to read social media reviews which detail the technical aspects of the Periscope and Meerkat apps. For more on applicable sales, marketing, and communication strategies, stay tuned to the GettingPresence blog.

You’ve got great content and tremendous talent under your roof. Ride this new wave of social, video, and personal communication correctly, and the measurable benefits will resonate.

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